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Breezi Site Transferring & Creating Multiple Sites From a Single Account

I’d like to address some of the questions we’ve gotten about the workflow of designers.

We get that many of you are designers that do work on behalf of your clients and that the ownership of the site changes after the site is published. We also understand that a good tool would deal with allowing you to create as many sites as you’d like, similar to how Photoshop allows you to create as many images/psds as you’d like.

Multisite for Smaller # of SItes: In the next month or two, we have no plans on allowing standard breezi single site accounts to be able to create multiple sites from one account. We do have another edition of Breezi which allows you to manage many sites but that’s better for users that want to create more than 20 sites. It’s actually perfect for them. If you want more information on that, please click here.

In the midterm (2-3 months), we are planning on releasing the ability for you to link your Breezi accounts and be able to login to each of them from one another.

Pricing Expectations: The pricing for such a product will be different when we plan to release it. It will not be all the sites that you can make for $9/mo.

Ownership: We’re also going to address the issue of site ownership with a feature called Snapshots. Snapshots will be like a Breezi compatible full export of your site that you can import into any other Breezi account. This will allow you to “hand over” a site to a client if you don’t want to just create an account and then change the username and password.