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Breezi Demo – Website Editor Tour

Here’s a quick walk-through tour of Breezi, so you can see the main features that set us apart from all of the other website editors out there. But you won’t really get a full feel for how everything works until you give it a try for yourself, so sign-up for a free account and let us know what you think!

Video Transcript:
We created Breezi for designers to let you really easily design, edit and launch a website. So when you log in a Breezi site you can pick from a number of different layout options to set the initial structure for your page.

Once you pick a layout you can then adjust the column widths if you’d like by mousing over a separator and clicking and dragging your mouse.

As you move your mouse around you’ll see dots that highlight different areas of page.

The dots are where we can start applying styles and designign the site and one of the first things you may want to do is add backgrounds so you can start to see the look and feel come to life.

You can pick from our library backgrounds or you can just upload your own.

Through the style dots you can modify the design of your pages down to a very granular level.

Uh we’ll come back to styling in a bit but let’s start adding some content so we can see what we’re working with first.

All the content is organized and managed through apps and each app allows for different types of content ranging from blocks of text, images, videos, social media feeds contact forms and several others and we’re always adding in new apps to give more and more options.

So you can go ahead and remove the apps you don’t want add whichever ones you like by dragging them in from the apps panel and move them around the page to get it just the way you like.

Once you’ve added some apps you can click/double click on anything to start changing the content.

For example you can double click and upload a logo or other images, you can change navigation links and text and edit whatever other content you’d like by double clicking on the various apps.

You’ll notice the WYSIWYG editor displays when you’re editing text, this of course let’s you change fonts, text sizes, colors, spacing, shadows alignment apply links and a lot of other formatting.

Whenever you’d like you can go back to styling your content in different areas of the page using the style dots.

You can focus in on any area of the page  to change the look and feel the design everything from spacing, (inaudible) to round  corners, drop shadows, gradients, background textures, rollover colors, and more can be done really easily and you can see all the changes as you go.

And this is what really sets Breezi apart we found the designers who just want to be able to create and design manage a site easily have been stuck between on one side having very template based web site builders that are too rigid and constraining and on the other side having options like wordpress that require a lot of time energy programming expertise umm and you really have to get in there to hack around with themes and plugins to get a really customized site.

So Breezi removes those layers of abstraction and just gives you a very simple editor so you can design and bring your site to life very easily.

So once you have your site created and designed you login anytime to make quick updates like changing styles adding pages changing layouts  checking your leads and so forth all through one clean simple interface that puts you in full control.

Here are a few other sites that we’re created on Breezi just to give you an idea.

Breezi is a fully hosted and supported platform you can use your own domain and we’ve got a lot of other additional updates coming soon to really make this the best tool possible for designers.

Thanks again for watching and if you haven’t already go to to learn more and get started today!