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For starting a real site! If you want to just try it out!
Design & Publish Websites Faster
For starting a real site! If you want to just try it out!


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Nitrogen is Live!

Dear Breezi User,

There are many reasons why you may decide to rewrite an entire platform that you spent 2 years building.

For us, it was speed. Specifically, it was concurrency and latency.

Concurrency, in our case, was when many users saved changes at the same time, and we were unable to anticipate a huge spike in usage at random instances.

Latency was users from all around the world trying to save changes and experiencing slight delays because of the networks that their requests must travel through.

The new release addresses both of these issues.

Our users love Breezi because they can customize. A lot.

So now each tinker will be so much faster than before.

Nitrogen is the name of our new Breezi version, and the basic concept behind it is very simple: Save locally, and let the user send changes to the server when you can.

That means that every change you make is first saved locally to your computer, and we then sync your changes with the server every so often.

This allows you to work on your site without experiencing any lags.

Pretty simple idea. Pretty big undertaking.

Breezi had to be completely rewritten from scratch to be able to work like this. For the last 8 months our entire engineering effort has focused on this new version of Breezi.

We really hope that you’ll enjoy this release.

Breezi Nitro

Dear Users,

We would like to introduce you to: Nitro!

What is “Breezi Nitro”?
Nitro is the codename of our latest update for Breezi, and it is all about speed and performance, our very talented in-house team of developers has been hard at work for the past 6 months to bring this update to you.

Why is this exciting?
As you can see on the charts below, this new update drastically lowers the time of every process on the Breezi platform. This way you can spend more time designing and a lot less time waiting for your changes and ideas to be reflected on the screen.

With this update you will be able to get even more out of Breezi, those 30 minutes you spent adjusting your site will give you out even more, so you can try more ideas, make more changes, or simply spend that time away from the computer doing what you love.

Some Data
Ok, so you might be wondering exactly how fast is Breezi now, if you are one of the few lucky ones to enter the closed beta you can try for yourself, but if not, here are a couple of videos that might give you an example of how much faster it is.

Breezi v1.0

Breezi Nitro

We created an average landing page and Breezi Nitro was 3x faster than old Breezi . Almost every action has been optimized, including popular features like, Skins and Bulk Style Propagation.


Breezi Nitro is almost ready for everyone to try, as you are reading this the first batch of beta invitations is being sent to a few lucky and loyal users, so check your inbox for a chance to give Breezi Nitro a spin for yourself. If you did not receive an invite worry not, as it should hit Open Beta very very soon.

Thank You!
As a final note, we would like to thank our users for the feedback and support you have given us, this update is a direct answer to what you guys wish, so in behalf of the entire Breezi team we give a sincere “THANK YOU!”.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it possible.

Designbot: The Story Behind the World’s First Design Remix Engine

Dear Intrigued Person,

This may be the first time you’re hearing about our program, so let me explain a bit about who we are and what we’ve been working on.

Today, we’re releasing the Designbot as part of our website builder platform, which you may have used in the past.

So what does Designbot do? 

Designbot makes design iteration, and getting to a design that you love, much faster. It also makes the process enjoyable, by simply showing you results and letting you say what you like and don’t like. Designbot then takes that input and generates more designs based on your feedback.

For small business owners with small budgets and no time, Designbot can help you go through hundreds of iterations and get a great looking unique website up in a minutes. In the past, small businesses have been limited to rigid cookie-cutter templates, or hiring a professional designer, but Designbot now lets you have a fully custom designed site quickly and easily.

For creatives, it allows you to start from a point that is closer to what you want to end up with. After picking your design, you enter our editor, and have very powerful customization options, so you can make the more finite adjustments that you need to accomplish your vision.

The Thinking Behind Designbot

I’d like to now explain why we built Designbot, and what we’ve accomplished to date.

A while ago, we thought it would be interesting to build a guided design experience while creating a website. A tool to help take your inputs and guide them. An example would be If you want to change the size of your font, for example, let us suggest that you also change the line height.

A pretty simple idea at heart around the belief that all good design is based on math. More specifically, designs of web pages that contain information.

Design has been based on math since its birth.

While I don’t have enough data to prove it, my belief is that most digital designers don’t think that design is based on math. They do, but they don’t. Since they are the creators, most people don’t really believe that what happens in a designer’s mind could be done with a machine.

At best, most digital designers believe that math is just a validation technique. It’s a post-production thought. In some forms of art, that may be true. That the raw material is there, and math is just a testing technique to get a better composition or balance things out.

In web design, however, math can have a larger influence.

It can define the core concepts and really reshape the raw material (content and core structure). It can be part of the core process of design. Math can be treated as a first class citizen from the beginning. In some cases, it could even reshape the core structure.

You may have come across math’s influence on typography, balance, white space, composition, colors, etc. You were probably intrigued, but that’s it. It’s nice, you get it…but it leaves out the magic.

Our thesis was that this “magic” was a solvable problem. And that, as humans, we are very good at recognizing lots of patterns, are able to be influenced by those patterns, and then remix and implement them in our own creations.

All we needed to do was replicate this process in our algorithm, which turned out to be easier said than done.

After almost two years, the Designbot is a first stab at solving this immense challenge, with the following limitations:

  • It’s restricted to simple web pages
  • It’s limited to a certain library of images and content
  • It’s for a set number of use cases only to start out

It’s by no means anywhere close to what a professional web designer can accomplish, because of the limitations we have on resources and time. However, we have laid all of the underlying technology to be able to accomplish this in the journey ahead.

Our Most Notable Accomplishments

  • We built the world’s first color scheme generation platform. It can take any given color and produce beautiful schemes that can actually be applied to an entire page (not just backgrounds and text). Color scheme generation that is agnostic of the page’s content and layout is extremely different than coming up with a general color scheme.
  • We designed a very powerful layout generation platform, which can manipulate and create new layouts on the fly.
  • All the designs generated are then brought into our website editor, and can be fully edited with an incredible amount of flexibility and control.
  • A design can be produced in less than 2 seconds.
  • The designs are all generated on the fly.
  • Background imagery served within our designs are processed on the fly.
  • The designs produced from the engine are beautiful, and offer tremendous variety.
  • We have a large library of apps that can be manipulated in terms of content, settings, form, and design on the fly.
  • All the designs are fully responsive, and are also backed by a device optimization platform, which can optimize functionality such as navigation menus and galleries for your particular device.

I think those are pretty impressive accomplishments.

However, our algorithm also has a very long way to go. Our goal with this release is not to say, “Hey, we’ve replaced the designer.” It’s to say that we’ve taken a stab at a very hard problem, and feel that we have fairly good results.

We truly hope that it has value to people that could never afford professional design services.

On a separate note, we’re bringing back the free plan for  sites. Read more about that here.

Thanks so much for reading.

With much respect,
Navid + Team

Breezi Free Plans Are Back

Dear User,

We’ve brought back the free plan.

You’ll now be able to fully create and publish your site for free.

The following features are reserved for our program Pro plan users

  • Your own domain
  • Removal of user’s badge
  • Creating more than 2 pages
  • Removing our  favicon
  • Using FTP sync option
  • Bulk style propagation
  • Use of dot profiles

We hope that this change allows many more people to enjoy our product’s powerful capabilities.


Device Optimizer Is Back!

Many people have asked about this feature and I’m glad to tell you that our Device Optimizer is back!

For those who do not know what Device Optimizer is, basically it is a feature that will optimize your site to make it work properly on different devices, changing part of the behavior of the apps in order to get a better user experience when you’re surfing your site using a mobile device.

In this case we will focus on the Navigation and Image Gallery apps. If we talk about Navigation app, I can tell you that now the entries are correctly aligned and if you have any sub-menus you will be able to access them just by pressing the parent link and a pop up bubble will appear with all of the sub-links so you can select any of them. Here are a couple of screenshot about the Navigation app:

Navigation app before and after Device Optimizer

In regards to the Image Gallery app, now you can swipe your finger to navigate through the images, this way we got rid of the pagination arrows and now you can take full advantage for your smartphone’s capabilities. This is how the app looks:

Image Gallery app

Image Gallery app before and after Device Optimizer

In order to activate this feature, please go to your site and click on the “More” tab, then click on the Device Optimizer option. The device optimizer modal will appear on the screen, once it happens just click on the check-box and save. After that, you will have to click on the Publish Changes button and you’ll be ready to go.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Warmest regards,

World’s First Design Engine

Yesterday we took over the homepage of our web tool to announce the release of our upcoming design engine.

It’s a huge step for us because we will start to do most of your work in terms of actually “designing” your site. That is arguably most of the work that anyone does when creating their site besides content.

What do we mean by “design engine”?

We’ve created something that can take your inputs in terms of color, use case, imagery and be able to generate millions of design results on the fly. That’s what we mean by design engine.

I won’t tell you exactly how we’re going about this problem but what I can tell you is that if you have good taste but don’t know how to design, you will love it.

We’re excited

Well, it’s the world’s first attempt at a design engine. Never before have you been able to give a machine some basic hints and get hundreds of results that match your taste. You’ll be able to drill down or stay broad. And of course, any design comes with all the super powerful editing features from our editor. That means that you can keep it just like that or edit every single part.

Some history

When we set out to build our program, the idea was to created a guided design experience. That meant that we wanted to help you design without requiring you to know the fundamentals of design. Here an example: when you change your font size, your line height would change along with it or when you change your text color, we’d check for legibility.

Those were just parts of it but the larger idea was to connect all of those decisions so you could make incremental choices yourself and end up with something that looked unique but didn’t require you to understand the fundamental math behind design.

So that was the dream. It turned out that you need a lot of standardization under the hood to be able to do something like we dreamed of. That took a long time. It took 2 years to develop, was released in a super premature beta in 2012 and finally came out of beta in october of 2012. In the past few months we were able to finally start dreaming up how to help guide the user on how to design.

This is what this new release is about.

When will it be released?

Monday, the 29th of April.

What does this mean for current users?

Nothing inside of the editor will change. So you guys have nothing to worry about.


Our design engine’s design possibilities will increase with time so be patient with us as we perfect this beast. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to release something half-baked. Just that we think 30 billion possibilities is good enough for beta. We want to see how you like this to know if we’re really providing you value or not. Your feedback is very important to us.


You can signup to get notified on our homepage. We’ll put up a video previewing the design engine on Wednesday the 24th.

As a personal note, I’d truly appreciate it if you do like what we do, tell everyone you know about it.
Thank you so much,

Form Builder Has Arrived!

As you know we’re constantly releasing new apps and features and now, we are really excited to announce that our new Form Builder has arrived!

With this new app you will be able to create your own custom forms in a matter of seconds. We have integrated Jotform which is one of the best form builders on the market and now you can generate your custom form without leaving your website, how amazing is that!

Do not waste your time and access your site so you can try the Form Builder app.

Did I mention that this is a free app? Go ahead and enjoy!

All the best,

Integration Options for Web Hosts

Please see below. Hopefully it will answer all your questions.

Self Charge Referrer Own Installation
Who It’s For For hosting companies that want to provide a website builder with their current packages and own the billing component. For hosting companies that want to just offer the solution but not integrate it heavily. Only suggested for companies that really need to emphasize their brand.
Billing Model You charge your customers and we charge you for the total number of sites on a monthly basis (prorating where it applies). We charge the users directly and you get paid a recurring commision on a monthly basis. See more details here There is normally an installation fee + a per site fee. If you plan to create more than 8,000 sites, we can setup a dedicated server for you.
Suggested Workflow Bundle Breezi with one of your hosting packages and pre-charge for the site, because you will be charged for all the sites that under your account. Just share the link wherever you can share it. You’re just trying to maximize for reach. Contact us
Cost Per Site $9/mo Volume pricing is available. Contact us for more info. $9/mo Contact us
Support / Documentation We handle it. See We handle it. See You need to create your own starting points and documentation.
Multilingual Support Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Single Sign-on Available (contact us) Not offered Available (contact us)
Branding Breezi Breezi Your Own
Integration Options * Site creation API
* cPanel plugin
* iFrame Signup form option
* Site creation API
* cPanel plugin
* iFrame Signup form option
* Site creation API
* Basic signup form
* iFrame Signup form option
To Get Started See the “Integration Option” articles above. You can use any of those options to get started. Signup here Contact us

Introducing the Yelp Profile Website Design Shuffler!

There’s some exciting news to share! We’ve released one of the 1st integrations with our Shuffler engine, which lets small business owners import their Yelp listing information into a beautifully designed website on Breezi. This is the 1st prototype, so please take a moment and check it out.

How it Works

Shuffler goes to your Yelp listing page, grabs all of the pertinent content, and inserts the content into one our templates. Then our design shuffler produces a variety of design combinations using our partial skins, and generates a preview screenshot of each, so you can choose from a range of awesome designs with your own content preloaded from your Yelp listing!

What Happens Next

You can then choose one of the designs, all of your information will be transfered into your new site, and you’ll be able to edit and customize it as much as you’d like!

Check it out!

Breezi advanced site creation API

This guide will walk you through the usage of the site creation process and how to get the signup form up and running on your own hosting. If you would like to just use our hosted iframe version you can check out the Embed Breezi Signup Form in your Affiliate Site tutorial.

NOTE: For web hosts interested in using the following method to resell Breezi directly to customers within your hosting package(s), we’ll just need to add your server IP(s) so your customers’ sites are flagged as paid. Please email us with questions and for more information:


  • Basic knowledge in HTML/CSS, Javascript and PHP
  • Your server must be running at least PHP Version 5.3.15
  • Make sure you have cURL installed on your server.
  • You should have your Affiliate Id ready. if not you can get it from here.

If you would like to check if your server has cURL installed you can create a phpinfo file and search for libcurl:


// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL


Make sure you remove this file from your server after testing it.


Signup Form Configurations:

Please open ‘index.php‘ located in the code sample folder and find the following hidden input:

<input type="hidden" id="a_aid" name="a_aid" value="{{AFFILIATE ID}}">

Replace ‘{{AFFILIATE ID}}‘ with your affiliate id.

Download Package

Change Log

  • Version 1.0.0 (released 2013-01-14).
    Initial Working API.