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Billing FAQ

How much is Breezi?


Do I need hosting in addition to my Breezi plan?

You have several different options for hosting. If you already have a separate hosting account with another provider that you’d like to use for your Breezi site, you can use our FTP Syncing feature to host your site there. Or you can use Breezi’s website hosting, which lets you use a domain you’ve purchased separately for your Breezi website.

Are there limits on bandwidth or disk space?

We do not set limits on bandwidth or disk space, however our terms of service prevent you from using any Breezi website for the primary purpose of hosting or sharing files (storage) – a tool like DropBox or Google Drive is better for that anyway ;)

Do you offer email accounts/hosting?

No, we do not offer email hosting. We only offer basic website hosting, and do not provide DNS management, FTP management, or any other traditional hosting services beyond actually hosting your website.

How long would I be locked into a plan?

You’re not locked into a contractual term where you have to keep your account for any specific period of time, however you do prepay monthly, and your account will remain active unless you choose to cancel, or if your payments fail after numerous consecutive attempts.

Can I cancel my plan?

If you’re not satisfied with the added value you get from Breezi Pro, you can cancel your account entirely at any time by emailing – no questions asked!

Will there be more features added?

Yes, we’re constantly releasing new features, to steadily increase the value for our customers over time.

Will the pricing change?

As we add more features, we do reserve the right to increase pricing and/or offer additional plan options to our customers. In most cases though, the price you agree to when you make a payment will not change for you, as your account will be “grandfathered in” at that price.

Do you accept payments from outside the US?

Yes, however we do not currently display currency conversion rates – fees are only displayed in USD. We hope to add multi-currency and multi-language support in our billing system soon, so stay tuned!

What credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

Can I change my credit card later if need be?

Yes, you can change your credit card anytime through the Billing page, under More when you’re logged into your Breezi account.

Where can I see my billing history and invoices?

Just log into your Breezi account, click More, and then click Billing. That will display your past invoices with billing history.

But I have more questions that you didn’t answer! What shall I do!?

Worry not! Just shoot us an email and we’ll answer any other questions you have ASAP.